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Just had a meeting with a Diamond resorts rep about our MGV and were told that we need to switch to diamond resort or face HOA fees as high as 500,00 per quarter and even be hit with a "special assessment " that could be whatever price diamond resorts wants to give just so they can fix up the raggedy MGV properties. Since MGV had filled bankruptcy diamond has been making people sign over to them for huge cash. I'm very disappointed with this... Read more

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I am a Diamond ILX owner, but wrote an article that references Monarch for TheStreet. I have been interacting with people dedicated to reforming deceptive and fraudulent timeshare practices. I wrote an open letter to Stephen Cloobeck which was published yesterday, September 7 in Spain. Spain has outlawed perpetual contracts. Mr. Cloobeck sent all owners an email explaining how lucky we are to have a vacation that we can pass down from generation... Read more

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Even though we Monarch owners are all stuck with this annoying Timeshare, our best bet is to stick together. If we join Diamond it increases our Monarch fees. I read the bankruptcy filing and they are obligated to give us some service forever. Not the best result, but better than paying Diamond fees or loans. If you can use it, use it and stick it out - because going into Diamond would be a big mistake. since these are impossible to sell... Read more

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If there is a class action against palm canyon I would like to be included. Im a long time owner since 1998 and since Pacfic Monarch have taken over its been a nightmare. I have been harassed and bully by there sells department

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I have been a Monarch Grand Vacations owner since 1999. The maintenance fees has increased over the years and now it is ridiculously high. I tried to sell it many times, not successful. I tried to surrender it - not allowed. I had to pay the maintenance fees with late fees last time (last month). Today I got a call from Diamond Resorts International and I was pressured to convert it into Diamond points at least half of what I own (222). I... Read more

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I bought an 'every other year' timeshare from Monarch years ago. Paid $4000 in full (which is like $8000 now). Fees back then were about $100 a year. Now like $400. They keep changing the pt structure too, and require a minimum of a week -- which my points don't cover. So basically they've made this such that I can get about 4 days every other year in only their worst locations -- and for this I pay $400 a year -- I could basically stay at a... Read more

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I would like to say that I enjoy using the time share, but the fees that we pay aye rediculous. I pay almost 14 hundred dollars for one week every two years. These resorts book outsiders, and when I try to make a reservation, it is all booked up for sometimes two months in advance. These people should pay the share holders the money to stay their. I would like to give back my timeshare and get rid of these maintenance fees. Read more

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I bought with Monday a few years ago. When diamond bought them out i wasnt notified. I accidently found out and they wanted $7000 to change over but it was only for the time share not the maintenance fees. So i would have to pay both maintenance fees for both companies. When i said i wouldn't pay the additional Diamond offered me a sample package. As long as i paid it in time and didn't use it for the year they would use that as my payment to... Read more

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The time share business is a sham. Once you get "hooked" the maintenance fees make it unaffordable with very limited choices to vacation. And,,, it's VERY HARD to sell. Can't even give it away !!

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I wanted to give my time share back to the company. Because I do NOT want another person to go through the horrible experience I have with my time share. They just told me that even though my timeshare has been paid in full for over 10 years with Monarch, I can't simply walk away from the timeshare maintenance dues.WHAT!? What do you mean I have to pay these forever?! On top of that, I haven't used it for over 6 years and think I have only used... Read more

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