We purchased a time share through Grand Monarch in 2003.WHAT A MISTAKE!!

Since then, we can NEVER get any exchanges that we request, not even at our time share location, have paid Interval fees in the hopes that we can get exchanges where & when we want...but no luck!!

This is the VERY WORST investment we have any been roped into.

We need to get out of this useless time share problem. We are tired of paying dues for nothing. Do not fall for the same scam!!

Can anybody tell me how to get rid of this fiasco?


Sue, Ventura, California


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You people saying you have owned it for 4-9 years and never had problems are full of $hit and work for the company!I know 4 people who bought from Monarch like me and my wife and cant even get a week's stay there when we want to.

Everything is always FULL unless your paying cash! I tried calling one time with my membership to book a room and everything was full. Called on a friends phone for the same 2 bedroom, ocean view and said I would pay cash and guess what? The room was available.

They are money hungry wh0res. Dont beleive me try it! Classe's on how to use a timeshare? Really?

*** off.

This place is the biggest SCAM ever!I just want to give it away for FREE.


It amazes me how some people/posters just say what they want with no responsibility.I am an Owner with Monarch, and the paperwork I signed says the exact opposite of what some of you are saying.

The company discloses that they do not have a resale office and go as far as to say IN WRITING, if you are buying this for an investment or to make money on it, don't buy it. How *** are you people who are claiming otherwise.

Why don't you just use it like my family and I do and then you wouldn't have any complaints.LOVE CABO AZUL!!!!!


They will say anything to get you to buy it.They tell you can sale for the full value you buy it at.

I wish someone would have told me about this before I did a *** thing.MGV and all Timeshare sales have no souls......


I have never had a problem getting into the place I want - might have to wait to get a two bathroom at Dana Point but have been to every resort.Stayed in all but Vegas.

Have a problem with the financial part of the business. Do not work with you to set up a payment date that the customer wants. However, since I own six other time shares, and own over 900 pts I like the benefits of being a primer owner.

Started with the six day package.Go to the training and it will help alot.


Iv'e been an owner for 15 yrs.My experience is that all the statments above are true.

When used, the experience is great, but I have gotten the run around many times. The big problem is that many owners are in default and Monarch now wants the rest of us to pick up for the lack of funds. They oversold to people just like in the real estate mkt.

and now the bubble is bursting.Good luck:?


I would not recommend this company to anyone.It is deplorable how I was treated in the 90 minute sales meeting.

I just came out of the ladies restroom, and unfortunately I was unable to control my sphyncter and my bowel movement darted loose from my panties (due to complications after my 5th LAP band procedure.) I cant prove it but I think they put Visine in my virgin margarita. Anyways, as I walk away and try to hide my ***-filled granny panties, a salesman notices and proceeds to get on the intercom and yell: "ATTENTION ALL MONARCH EMPLOYEES AND GUEST, THIS FAT *** JUST SHARTED!" and everyone looked at me and laughed! How dreadful! I just wanted to sit and marinate in my own *** in peace like the classy lady I am...

and I was completely embarrassed!

Well, I ended up buying 455 points because I was too ashamed for anyone to think that I wasnt boojie and that I support my 45 year old black husband who thinks he can rap.If you want some of my points just Facebook me ;)


Yvan, I don't want your points as I have enough now, but I really don't understand why you would be having problems.I have owned with Monarch MGV for about 4 years and have never had a problem in getting reservations.

I have been at the resort at the beach twice, las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. All great places where we had a ball each time. We have also exchanged to Maui the first year and we have reservations for a great place in Park City for Christmas Week.

I'm not sure what to say, it works perfect for our family.A+ to MGV.


I brought my 266 points in 2003 when I was in the Military because I knew that Cali and Vegas were too places I would be visiting regularly.I have yet to be able to use any of the resorts.

Everytime I call I get waitlist for all three of the Resorts in Southern Cali.

As far as I can tell it's one BIG SCAM.For all you people who claim you love MGV i'll be happy to give you a deal on my points that's my real name you can find me on Facebook or AOL


What is this Sue woman talking about?I have been an owner withn this company for 5 years (I own with 2 other companies also) Monarch is a class act.

My guess is Sue does not know how to use it. Too bad, she is really missing out.

She should call the compnay and ask for help, they even have special classes to help owners.I have never been but I friend of mine said it was well worth the time


My husband and I have been owners with monarch for 10 years.We now have 3 kids and we take them on vacation every year!

We could never have afforded Mexico, Hawaii, etc... on our teacher's salary.

Monarch employees have always been helpful to us.We love our timeshare and have told many people about it.

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