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diamond claims to have sent out documentation of options to opt out, But I did not hear or receive any Documents, and of course when i drive to vegas it was no longer an options. when speaking to MGV they told me the the owners had control but by the increase in dues and the abuses that are being received we are hardly being considered.

they will say what ever is nessaccary to get you off the phone... please contact me, I really do desire to see a case action suit, because they will not stop until we make them.... Diamond actually told me there no nothing i could do, MGV doesn't exist, so who you going to sue yourself.... SO what i want to know is if I they dont exist why am i being forced to pay them..

if enough of stand up, we can knock them down...... I am all in

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Sacramento, California, United States #776828

My husband and I spent the last year trying to be ride of them and they said the same thing to us, virtuousldn2003, but we hadn't had an account with pacific in over five years and Diamond activated our old account as an unpaid debt on our credit report. We are planning on taking them to court if we cannot get them removed by the next few months. This whole process is illegal.

Los Angeles, California, United States #713020

I agree if enough of us get together we could do something! I don't understand how they can sell us off with out our consent to go with another company like Diamond Resorts.

Our contract was with Monarch Grand Vacation not Diamond Resorts.

I was outraged when the salesman was telling me our fees would go up because of the poor condition the Palm canyon Resort was in and how we needed to pay to bring it up to the Diamond Resort standards.

If anyone is going to do a class action suit I am in!!!

to Anonymous La Mesa, California, United States #750135

We were never told that dues would go up. I do not want to keep paying for this.

I only used Monarch in 2008 and after my mom died we never have gone and was quite shocked when dues started going up. 100 a quarter seemed alright and we also thought you could resale this package of 133 points. Before this year it was only 100 to transfer to someone else's name but now the cost is 250. I do not know how to get out of this without the cost of an arm and a leg.

So we were lied to about its worth and the cost of dues. I opted out of the extra dues for Diamond so they took me off that plan but they have not made a reply to my wanting to give this back to them.

I just got a letter for Jan dues and they are higher now 155.61 instead of 148 plus they now have a fee for Monarch Club Connection Fee of 50 dollars WHAT?

Riverside, California, United States #681834

I too have lost thousands and Diamond Resort employees are crooks as well!!! I HATE THEM ALL!!

Wouldn't recommend my worst ENEMY! :(

Austin, Texas, United States #680586

I've lost $11,000 equity with MGV and I would love to sue these crooks. Please contact me at 512-947-7601.

I know I'm taking a risk putting my number here, but it would be worth it to see these guys fall hard. :(

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