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Please add me to your lawsuit. fxnewman@hotmail.com

20 years ago, we joined Monarch largely because they told us that they would be building a hotel in Hawaii within 5 years. That turned out to be a lie or, at least a dishonest sales ploy to get people to join.

We have felt cheated about that for a long time. We have also often been disappointed and even embarrassed at the quality of the Monarch facilities (not real clean, with cheap, falling apart furniture etc.)... not at all what they sold us on.

As I'm sure has been the case for many others, about two years ago we were informed that Diamond Resorts bought-out Monarch and we were led to believe that we then automatically became members of Diamond Resorts. That belief was supported by the fact that we then had access to a number of, but not all, Diamond facilities. We wondered why we could not access all of their resorts, but it was never something we worried about too much, simply because we couldn't afford to vacation much anyways... largely due to the exorbitant fees and dues we had been charged by Monarch for so long.

Then, about two months ago we were invited to and attended an Update Seminar put on by Diamond Resorts, with the slick sales pitch and all. At first, we were wondering why it sounded like they are trying to sell us on something AGAIN. Then, by the end of the presentation, we learned that we needed to buy into Diamond to become official members! We were very upset because, as we told them, we thought we already were members of Diamond, since they bought out Monarch. Nope. Now they said that we needed to buy into Diamond in order to get out of Monarch.

Upset, but not knowing the legality of what they were doing, we felt we had no choice but to pay whatever we had to in order to get out of Monarch. Otherwise, we would have to keep paying THEIR insane ever-increasing maintenance fees (now at over $330 per quarter - which, since the buy-out, we thought were Diamond's fees), which we had been watching go up and up. Of course Diamond told us then that their fees would be less, but it appears that they are actually more!

The amount that Diamond required we pay to become official Diamond members was a whopping $12,000 (at a ridiculous interest rate)! And after several of what were claimed to be their most valiant efforts to negotiate that amount lower with the corporate office, that was "the absolute lowest they could go".

So it seems that our Complaint in this lawsuit would be against both Monarch AND Diamond:

We believe that no Monarch member should have had to pay anything at all to become a Diamond member, as Monarch members had no say in the buy-out nor in how it was to be carried-out etc. They were obviously just along for the ride and the ones who would be left paying for a business deal that they had no control over and had been forced into.

Considering that we are now on the hook for another $12K, and also that there are thousands of others in the same boat, we are talking about a serious lawsuit.

newman5 wrote the review because of not as described at Monarch Grand Vacations. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $20000 and wants Monarch Grand Vacations to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was huge maintenance fees and high maintenance fees dishonesty. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Please add us too if it’s not too late. mbehar@gmail.com & adiduc@yahoo.com.


Please add me to your lawsuit Lorraine Paixao I husband and I have 155 points monarch for 16 years with and everything we have to pay is a hoa quarterly which keep going up but the problem is we can’t seem to get rid of it ,diamonds says we don’t have That ability to get rid of it the only thing we can do is buy into diamond ,not gonna do it ,bought samplers $4000 twice they said if I did that I could volunteer to give up the Monarch voluntarily give it up and will do that So we don’t have to deal with diamond people anymore ,I rather lose out on what I paid ,but I don’t wanna pay and I bought samplers $4000 twice they said if I did that I could volunteer to give up the Monarch voluntarily give it up and will do that.Always has a new sales person the ones I’ve met before are gone they all lie one said last time I was there when I bought the sampler pack she showed me a paper saying that there was a court junction for Monarch saying that we give back going to lose out either way I just don’t care anymore I just don’t want to deal with this company anymore horribleMy emailLaurieztwin1962@gmail.com


My husband and I bought into Monarch 16 years ago to Cancun in Las Vegas we go every year. Every time we go to the Cancun they make us through a timeshare presentation to say that they’re giving us updated information on the resort nothing is changed there it’s always the same in the past 16 years my husband and I can’t seem to get out of this unfortunate Company they’re saying we can’t sell Monarch and then they say if you buy a sample packet you have two years and then you can voluntarily give us your Monarch , They say the only way we can get out of this monarch now is to voluntarily give it to them after two years of using the sample packet which by the way is $4000 that’s the second time I bought one and it’s not because we want it because were trying to figure out what to do so we don’t have to file bankruptcy against this company I don’t want to ruin our credit so they seem to have us please help don’t know what to do.


Just had a Diamond Meeting today-was told pretty much the same thing about rising MGV HOA costs and having to “buy” into Diamond and all the perks that come with it! Interesting pressure tactics, but financially could not afford it nor was I interested. Their biggest pitch was how I could exit Monarch since according to them there was no way I could edit them and MGV was only interested in our HOA fees since so many MGV folks went over to Diamond-not sure how true any of this is, but certainly curious why Diamond is trying so hard with their sales pitch!


Please include me in any lawsuit or information on the future of Monarch owners. Everytime we meet with Diamond we are told another different lie. I am a 155 point Monarch owner dcthompson4@gmail.com


Please add me to the lawsuit we can never get a reservation and two years ago we booked for 2 nights upon arrival we were only given one night and told to find a hotel.dlsolomon@aol.Com I have 133 points which have been paid off for years they said when I die my kids have to pay maintenance fees. So the fees Never Stop!


Please send me information about being added to the lawsuit. I am a deeded owner of 155 points with Monarch Grand Vacations.


LNcalifornia@ymail.comInterested in lawsuit. Monarch Grand owner


I need to find out there 3 phase of there court case on Monarch. I hate the aggressive pitch to convert to Diamond Resort


I would like to join johnmight57@gmail.com


I would like to join this lawsuit as well. Like most, we just want to be free from them.gidlee@gmail.com


Please include us in the lawsuit, we took MGV to court and won a judgement against them. Have been trying to get them to cancel contract for five years now. They have ruined our credit and prevented us many times from getting home loans, car loans and other things.Very interested in pursuing legal action against them immediately.splanderson@gmail.com


Please add me to the list of unhappy customers. I want to just stop paying the ever increasing maintenance fees since we never use it, but I am afraid that it will affect my good credit.

I even wrote Monarch and offered to gift it back to them since it is not worth anything. They replied and said I could not do that.

Super frustrating experience.



Just had my sales fleece. Walked out not happy.

Sounds like I got the same treatment. I am willing to join the lawsuit.


I am a member of monarch grand vacation and paid It Off then when Diamond Resorts bought out Monarch Grand Vacations I was unable to pay for the upgrades into Diamond Resorts am I still a member of Monarch Grand Vacations and can I still use my points for the Monarch Resorts? Please someone help me understand what my rights are please email me at mikeystar5713@gmail.com


Please provide an update on the status of the lawsuit. I would also like to join in if possible.

Same spill about having to upgrade into Diamond.

I was told I would only be paying for the "new" Diamond maintenance, but now got a bill for BOTH Monarch AND Diamond.

This seems like a total scam.



I’d like to join the lawsuit too. The HOA fees are too much and we do not get to use Diamond Resorts Resorts.

I’ve been a member since 2001.

The upgrade to Diamond was too much. We should have had all access to their Resorts.


I was tricked into paying the maintenance fees and then told I couldn’t used my points because they were under different ownership and i didn’t have enough points that I would need to upgrade my points. I originally paid around $16,000.

I’ll jpin the lawsuit


We would also join the lawsuit. We too were told that we had to upgrade to Diamond in order to have all the benefits, a huge $75,000.

We did not bite at the Update Luncheon.

We should automatically be Diamond members with no additional costs or fees. wmpierjr@gmail.com


We too have been forced into signing there sampler plan as we advised them several times we couldn’t afford their prices. They don’t care and tell us that if we don't take the offer we will end up paying a lot of money for our dues and won’t get to stay anywhere as the diamond member will receive first priority.

We purchased MGV in 1999 and has been paid for in full since about 2002. This is a bunch of crap and I’ve never felt so victimized in my life until we left these meetings which we were forced into while attempting to enjoy our vacations. We have 166 points with MGV and I found it interesting that I don’t think our diamond points were much more than the other person who posted that had about half that amount.

Don’t understand and hate that we never get the truth, just lies and whatever they want to tell you to force you to purchase Diamond. Would love to be part of the suit.

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