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We went to a Monarch grand vacation presentation in Scottsdale Arizona on 2-27-20010 after being informed that we were a finalist for a car raffle we signed up at the mall(yeah right). I went with an open mind and we sat with a salesperson explain points ,resort locations etc.

When we asked for fine print, program details,disclosures and a price of the points we were told we would get literature,fine print, disclosure etc after we signed a purchase agreement.

They said this purchase was based on common sense. The only common sense thing to do at that time was to get the *** out of there!!!!

Review about: Monarch Grand Vacations Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $8900.

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we went saturday to their presentation, to "see what we won". now in all fairness, it might be right be for some people just not us.

also, in all honesty, the agents we had to deal with just talked to smooth for us. they remind you of car salesmen. 1 to soften you up, 2 to present their best offer ever, back to the 1st for alittle more softening, finally comes #3 with the best offers yet. "the others just don't know about this offer " person.i wish i could tell you how many times we said "no" , my dog gets it faster than they do.

90 minutes turns into 180 real quick. heck i only went for disneyland tickets anyhow, cause the 100,000 i knew was BS. even to get the tickets i need to send certified mail, has many restricted dates and a 60 day appointment to use.

well, i take pleasure in knowing i was wasting their time as much as they were wasting mine. so to all not yet suckerd, just pay for the *** disney tickets and go have fun.


Oh,I mean below me!, down there comment!


Obviously, the above comment was written by a salesman for Monarch "rip off" vacations.


Couldn't afford it, huh?

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