I have been with Monarch for more than 12 years and at first it was good then everytime we would go to one of the resorts we spend time with one of their couselors trying to sell us more mess. This is so messed up they call you early in the morning until that evening try to get you spend your vacation time with a sales person. I do not use them anymore I just want to sell it and I have never got what I wanted in all these years as far as a room by the pool.Thanks

Review about: Monarch Grand Vacations Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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I'm reading a lot of not so nice stuff but all I can say is, our family has owned with this compnay for about 6 year and we have had nothing but great experiences, both at the Monarch resorts and through the exchange. Unbelievable places we have stayed at and have never had a problem. it's super easy.




Hey Ron, you are right!!!! For this year you are paying too much but what happens when you pay it off? Don't hink short term. Your example is the same as....should I rent a house for $1,500 or buy a home, put down a large down payment and have a mortgage payment for 30 years of $2,000? There are a whole lot of people out there whos rents have gone up considerably and still have nothing. The cheapest rent in my7 neighborhood is $2750. My house payment is $1200 and at the the time was huge!!!

My point is my timeshare is paid for so I my vacations are luxurious and virtually inexpensive. You keep renting your Penthouse and have nothing to show for it and I will keep saving money hand over fist.

Since you already own it, why don't you try it and then you will feel smart instead of ***



I was sold this for $11,000.00 for 133 points good for 1 week at the resort of choice (9 Resorts) or Interval International Exchange. I also pay $117.17 every quarter.

So for $937.36 in 24 months, along with the Monthly Mortgage payments of $188.44 totals $5,459.92 every 2 years until it's paid off.

I can get a nice 1-week vacation in a Penthouse including a Ski Boat rental every year for less.

I feel really *** for Buying such a Purchase! :(


I receive random calls to purchase more time with monarch grand offering to shave interest points off my current loan. I believe that the people that sold me the timeshare were very pushy and put me in a room making me feel like I would not be able to receive a better offer than the one they were giving me.

When you find out after you agree to the terms, you can not give the stuff away nor will they buy the stuff back. One time I went on a trip and they tried to sell me more time. I told them that if it was such a good deal to buy it back. They offered pennies on the dollar to purchase it back.

Imagine that.

Sure the places are wonderful and system works. It doesnt work for everyone.


Also Monarch has only been sold for 10 years (1999) so how have you been an owner for 14 years????? Guess that proves your credablity!!!!

I have been an owner of MGV for a true 7 years. Love it and I don't dig people lying about it.



Boulderdash! The program is wonderful!!

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