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I am an owner and have been since 2002. I have yet to read one complaint in here that has any leg to stand on.

Owner Updates and Sales Pitches: While I don't always appreciate going through the owner updates and the sales speeches each time, we also have the ability to turn them down. They are not required. I do agree I am not crazy about a lot of phone calls, but when you say no, they are fine with it.

Extra charges for over the phone payments: That isn't uncommon. If you don't want to make the extra charge, mail your payment early enough that it is posted to your account before the due date. That isn't anything new. We all know to do that. If you want to make a payment over the phone, many places charge for that convenience fee. If you want to wait until the last minute, so be it if you gamble with the chance of a late fee.

Holiday extra charges: of course if you get a promotional package and want to use it over a holiday there is a chance there is a different fee. Many places simply block those dates out completely for holidays.

Run down places? I've been to nearly all of the MGV resorts and have yet to see them run down. Of course the older resorts are not like new but eventually they do remodel. They did the one in Palm Springs (Palm Canyon). Unless we want to pay higher payments, how can we expect everything to be new at all times. Everything ages (including US) And has been brought up by other owners, now they are building from the ground up. The new resorts are fabulous.

Increases in dues? when? where? the only time they go up is when you buy into bigger packages.

I could go on and on... I have yet to read one thing here that holds water.

If you are a potential owner and reading with concern these complaints, check it out for your own reasoning.

My only complaint which is minor in the years I have had a MGV ownership is we have a hard time getting into the resort in Ramona due to its limited availability each year we go to San Diego in July. This will be our first year to stay there then. The older resorts do have people who already had ownerships under other plans before MGV bought them out and they get first chance to book at those resorts. That would be my only complaint. And it is only fair since they had ownership first.


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For 17 years Monarch Grand Vacation resorts was our vacation destinations. We bought points, paid them off and bought more. A little over three years ago we started having real trouble getting a reservation at any of the resorts. I own a small business and planning a long vacation is sometimes difficult, but Monarchs excape time was perfect for us. I purchased membership for all of my grown children and their children back when you had to be a Monarch owner to use the resorts. If you visited the resorts you had to wear a wrist band for the day.

Things changed so badly. I tried for a year to get a reservation in Vegas as a family reunion around the holidays. I asked for ANY week June - August at any resort. We attended owners meetings and were told by managers, to "just give them a call and they would see to it that we got a reservation." It did not work.

Dues started going up. It was explained to us that as people were defaulting on their contracts, we (the owners) are taking up some of the slack!!

The final blow is when after being on the waiting list from Dec. to May, calling every 10 days or so,with no availability, my son got a reservation on line directly through the resort for less than my payment.

I was furious, Monarch said that "because they were having so much trouble meeting their financial responsibilities they sold rooms to their contractors who post them on line."

Leaves me making payments,increased dues payments,unable to get into a resort and very sad to see Monarch had become like so many other time share plans that just don't work.Save you money,MGV is about as good as Glen Ivy!!!


I'm interested in initiating a legal complaint against these crooks, but it would be more effective to unite in a class action suit. Anyone who can help??


I'm sorry but Monarch Grand Vacations have given me tons of free vacations to my favorite resort in Las Vegas, it's sad to see all of these complaints.Not only have I gotten to stay in a GREAT place in Vegas free MANY times!

and greatly enjoyed the water slides with my son there but I also won and redeemed a free Hawaii Vacation by spinning the wheel and this was after I had declined the Vacation Share.

These guys are hard sellers YES but honest to the core, you just have to listen to what they are offering instead of just expecting something for free.Listen!


We bought this time share 3 years ago and I hate it!!!That talk they give you to buy in is so full of lies!!

You never can get rooms when you want, customer service sucks, kids rooms are a joke, ran down resorts, and i could go on and on. Now I'm finding out that my payments that I have been paying more on haven't been going to the principal surprise there...SCAMMERS. They talk about how you can resale...bull...I have asked for help on this and they won't give me any.

I agree with the other people who want out...if you are so caring about customer service then let people who want in buy ours!!Why will they not do that....because they are scams that's why!

to christi Killeen, Texas, United States #652070

they dont care they just want there money, i "ve owned mine for 12 years, my dues have trippled.i called them to give my timeshare back for free because i lost my job and they wouldnt take it..

i have gone through 2 scammer resale companies in florida for thousands of dollars they couldnt sell it or give it away...

these people are legalized crooks...they say they cant take it back free and clear..they have to approve who you give it to...

to christi Los Angeles, California, United States #661597

I asked about reselling the timeshare and I was told it has to be paid off before they give you the paperwork to sell it.So I'm stuck with this until it's paid off.

I can't even find the details on the loan.I was told I have to call Diamond resorts to get info on my loan.


Mgv rocks I've been an owner since dec 2005 I personally took the time to educate myself about the perfect timeshare for me and my family.After vacationing with my sister timeshare for 9yrs I knew exactly what my family needed.

I could't be more pleased with all of Monarchgrandvacations timeshare villa locations. If you are an owner and are having issues speak directly to the manager of that particular location have all your fact straight and proof to back theme up. Don't hesitate to let the manager on duty know. By law you have a certain amount of days to cancel your timeshare

Purchase agreement it called buyers remorse.

Your financial officer for your loan can assist you with late fees you have dilemmas paying.I had issues and the loan officers did indeed save me plenty on late fees so smile owners were all here to help one another.



Why don't you contact someone high up in the compnay to get your problem handled? I had an issue once (I have owned since 2003) and they handled it right away and I have been happy since



WORST, WORST, WORST decisions ever made by purchasing this timeshare.I've owned it since 2000, nothing good comes out of it but pain dealing with the people who work there.

They are all bunch of liars and CROOKS.I just don't want anybody to make the same mistake I did by purchasing it.


Some of the comments from the people who work for monarch are astounding.I literally just bought one lastnight and im begining to think twice about it.

seems like you trying to defend the compAny in a negative way is admitting to guilt.

Everyone has a right to complain freely and spending this much money if I am scammed i would be angry.Just saying after all these comments i better make a decision weather i want to cancel in the next 5 days.

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