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I bought in Vegas on Feb 08 and they never debited my account for the first payment on the 19th of March. Then they proceeded to tell me I was late on my payments even though they did debit my account and tried to charge me late fees.

They were sending my statements to the wrong P.O. Box in the wrong town with the wrong zip code. Where they got that from I haven't a clue. Then for some strange reason my quarterly dues were on time, debited from my account, how come?

Then, I found out that I was paying another accounts monthly payment and dues ON TIME while mine were late. This cost me 180.00 in over draft fees to the tune of 3x157.00 and 211.00 plus my payments of 160.00 x 4 and the 86.00 dues and 180.00 OD charges. I incurred the charges because I refused to put money into a compromised account. I called accounting and they blamed me for not paying my automatic debit payments even though it was coming out anyway, for 2 accounts!

Why. I call it LOI.

Lack of Intelligence. I suggest to anyone dealing with Monarch Grand, " Check your bank statements and make sure you have your points and pay close attention to your account." Eventually something will go wrong and you are to blame.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I agree with time share on this one.


I think rhose who writes positive comments are employees of time share. They want to muddle us with confusion. Its their golden goose


I've been an owner since 2001.

Always enjoyed the convenience and value of being a timeshare owner.

Never had a problem like Crystal or Tea4one. But then again, I don't give any company access to any of my bank accounts.


They took money out of my account and I had not authorized it as well. When I called to ask why they did it, they said my husband did it.

Then he called and they said I did it. I called back and they say we signed and automatic debit from my bank account and I never did. I am currently trying to rally Monarch customers whom were scammed into these ridiculous contracts.

I want out of mine for various reasons. Anyone else?


Owner for 15 years. Never an issue here.

I am very happy with my ownership.

There is more to the story than this person tells. Complaining just to complain I bet.

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