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This is a scam of the first degree. I was promised a 90 minute presentation.

It took 3 hours. I was promised 5 prizes including $100,000, a car, two cruises, and a themepark vacation, as well as two Southwest roundtrip tickets anywhere in the continental U.S. I left with two brochures, one for two SW tix good for one overnight stay, and a choice between an overnight stay in Rosarita (bulets), Cancun (drug trade), Vegas (ugh), Tahoe (BFD) and some undisclosed place near Cabo.

My wife and I wasted, together, 4 hours on this scam. We are PISSED, although slightly embarrassed at being suckered into what now seems like such an obvious scam.

Our only recourse is to sue. Anyone else want to join in

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Fontana, California, United States #812423

I would like to sign up and join the lawsuit


Hmmmm... First off, did you HONESTLY think that you were going to get FIVE prizes including $100,000.00 and a car JUST for going to a 90 min presentation?

WOW. My fiance and I just went and although we did stay for slightly over 90 min, we were promised to get our $20.00 deposit we paid at the LA fair and a 5 day cruise to Mexico. I am very weary of scams such as this but we did get our $20.00 back in cash at the end of the presentation and we were given a certificate to use within a year for the cruise. I'm not sure if the cruise is legit, we did notice you have to pay the taxes on it which come out to just over $100.00 bucks.

And a $50.00 deposit. So, we know there may be a few more surprises down the line. But for anyone who really believes that they will win five prizes including a car and that much money JUST for going to a presentation is the definition of gullable. That is too funny.

Anyway, the presentation was awesome as were the prices for the timeshares...but who really knows if all of this is true unless you buy into it. Its a chance some people take. I have heard a lot of timeshare owners give their pro's and ***'s but as with almost any "sale", there is always something you aren't going to like. Or something that just doesn't meet your expectations.

We left there feeling a little excited about the opportunity but we didn't jump into it right then and there. Thats why I am online right now looking up "Monarch" so that I can read reviews and get a better feel for the Company. However this posting cracked me up so I had to respond.

My advice to you: If something sounds WAY too good to be true, it probably is. ;-)


I don't understand why people whine and moan about getting something for free? What more do you want?

You didn't purchase so what is the gripe about, if you don't want what you got for free give it back.

I've been to a MGV and got about 3 free trips out of it, all of them worked as explained to me. It's not rocket science, obviously you go into a timeshare presentation you should expect someone to try and sell you something.

I've been to many, say no no and no if you don't want it. I joined MGV discovery club and so far I'm happy, it can be tough to get a reservation during peak times but if you book in advanced you should be fine.


The above initial posting/complaint was put on this website by me,

Kenneth Greene. At the time I posted it, I was under the impression

that the company whose product is Monarch Grand Vacations had done

something improper and fraudulent. I HAD NOT contacted the company

prior to posting this but did so shortly after. Upon my contact with

the company all issues and/or misunderstandings were cleared up and I

am completely satisfied. I was very impressed with how they handled it.

I regret posting this complaint prior to contacting the company. I think

it only fair to the company that I clear that up in the same manner

that I posted. I found the company to be very helpful and understanding and

would recommend that anyone with a complaint against this company to contact them for resolution

Kenneth Greene



My husband and I purchased a timeshare about ten years ago. Everything we call to reserve a room or to get a day pass.

I am told I need to call by within a certain amount of days or I can be placed on a waiting list. I am very disgusted and I want to get rid of it because it is a waste of money, since I always end up paying to stay in a hotel when I visit Las Vegas. Then, the company has the nerve to ask us to upgrade on our timeshare.



Ok The Monarch is definitely worth the time and effort. My wife and I just Purchased the package and it was not a scam.

Do not listen to people who do not understand that you cannot win everything. You have the choice of one of the four gifts. Also the 100,000 dollar prize is a drawing and your chances are well you guessed it. 1 in 100,000.

You can also win 100,000 dollars towards a car. Those who cannot read fine print maybe you should just put your head in the dirt, you have better chances there.


No Albert YOU are the ***!


What does this guy have to sue about? What is his issue?

He got a trip out of it. Did the trip not work or anything else substantial?

Or is he a *** ambulance chaser looking for a payday? As a member of Monarch this is insulting.


delete this too


delete this


This should not be posted.


Hello, I am not surprised for what you said, my wife and I went through the same bad experience. our meeting took almost two hours, with the same prices, which we never got. we made the huge mistake of buying the trial, which we end up using only twice, because of the system that they create to book our supposedly property. it took three people to try to convince us, at the end the manager end up arguing with me, because he almost wanted to force me to become an owner, and since i said no, he got pissed at me. Also we got tickets for sea world in san diego, but end up being a scam because in order for you to be able to use them you had to make a reservation at a hotel of their choice.

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