I purchased Monarch Grand Vacations in Scottsdale, AZ in February. Like some people, I was skeptical during the presentation, and was just there for the "gift".

As the presentation went on, I became more and more intrigued by their product. I had been to a number of "timeshare" presentations in the past, and was always disappointed in the sales process. We bought their program, but I have to admit, I was still a little skeptical. But, I am happy to say that we just completed out first exchange, and we are going to Kauai next month!

I never saw myself as someone who would by something like this. I am very pleased that my wife talked me into it.

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We have made great exchanges with our Monarch Grand Vacation property to include Maui, Disney, Sanibel FL and we've stayed in the Las Vegas property a couple of times. The exasperating thing is actually getting to closure on an exchange that is favorable.

We've had the property for over ten years and have never had a positive match when we first call to exchange or try to get to a property for vacation. It is almost as if it becomes a game to try to pawn off less popular properties first and hope that you will ***. We have made it work for us but it takes perseverity. We do not sit through the sales pitches anymore and we have been cancelled out of a booked vacation once with no remorse on the part of the MGV person at the desk we had booked a yr in advance and planned to check in on the second day of our booked week instead of the first day; they had given our rooms to someone else -- we left and went to a Marriott Timeshare in Vegas where they accommodated us with pleasure.

I would say over all the process to get a vacation booked is clunky and one needs to be prepared to spend an hour or two over several phone calls to get what you really want. Our timeshare association fees could be better spent upgrading the online system so that computer savvy folks could do self service trades and booking.


I wish these employees would spend their time trying to make our timeshare worth the money instead of writing these bogus comments trying to convince angry customers that they should be happy with what they've got.


Well then please someone buy my monarch property from me. I am stationed out of the country for the next 6 years and I got stuck with this *** thing in my Divorce.

I'm never going to use this product and I can't get them to let me out of the contract. You can have the *** thing for all I can I just don't want to be wasting my money paying dues on a facility I will never get to use.



To Mr. Holloway:

I did have a problem. I book a reservation at the Las Vegas Resort for a 2 bedroom for New Years eve/week. I called to confirm because I din't receive a confirmation and they somehow had cancelled my reservation. That is not good. But what they di about it was incredible. Not only did they give me a Penthouse for New Years week but they also gave me another week in the system that we are using for Hawaii this year. So there is my experience!!!!! I hope they cancel my next reservation by mistake!!!!!



If the previous writers are so happy with this mgv system. I have 222 points I will sell them. I run a small business and cant stop to go on vacation.


Mr. Holloway,

Not sure what your comments mean but I am with these other folks.

I have owned Monarch grand Vacations for 4 years and I have another timeshare besides this one. If you know what you are doing, why would you have problems? On this timeshare (MGV) I have gone to France and New York and this year we went to Cabo Azul (last April)one of the MGV resorts. It could possibly be the nicest quality place we have ever stayed in.

What a treat.

Sorry you have had problems but I will never regret my purchase. it's paid for itself already.


My family and I just got back Hawii and we all had a incredible time.Me being a numbers person we saved around $5000.00.To think I gave such a fight to the sales agent and Lisa, my wife. I just felt it was to good to be true and I never make a decision on the same day but after about about 2 hours I decided that clearly dollar for dollar it made sense and i think I was just to stubborn to see it but im sure glad because the way I see it 2 or 3 vacations will pay itself off.

Some people may have complaints but I guess the only complaint I have is I work to much. Thanks monarch!


Wait until you start having problems.

Then come back and tell everyone what your experience is.

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